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Sam Roberts
Sam Roberts

I’ve been involved in the Fitness Industry from 16 years old. My passion has always been to help people get fitter and healthier leading to me becoming a personal trainer. I've spent the last 7 years working as a personal trainer which has led up to the opening of Legacy. I’m a PICP Level 2 coach and Level 1 Biosignature Practioner, have a passion for fitness and am always looking to take my body to the next level!

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Conditioning Sessions: Legacy’s Secret to Fat Loss Results Part 1

So throughout my 8 years of Personal Training experience I’ve always found weight training/resistance training to be great for fat loss results. This is not to say that ‘cardio’ will not be good for fat loss it just doesn’t change the body shape like weight training, as well as the fact in my opinion its boring!

So at Legacy Training we’ve created more of a hybrid between weight training and cardio in the form of conditioning sessions. We’ve found that combining full body movements, Body Weight exercises, circuits, complexes and short bursts of intervals gets fantastic results for FAT LOSS!!!

Here are my top 6 (the second 3 will be in Part 2) conditioning workouts that require very little equipment BUT are extremely effective (hope you’ve bought your sick bucket! Ha ha!):

1. Get on the Floor

  • Mountain climbers – 20
  • Press-ups – 15
  • Burpee’s – 10
  • Jump Lunges – 12
  • 1 min rest & repeat 4 – 6 times

(No equipment needed, Perfect for the garage or Living Room, 20mins max)

2. Hills Runs

  • Start with slow and steady 10 min jog to warm-up to find your perfect hill.
  • Sprint 40 – 60metres flat out up hill with slow walk back; aim to have 2 – 3mins between sprints.
  • Repeat this 8 – 10 times, to make harder add 20 press-ups at the top of the hill.

(No equipment needed but taking a lively dog helps enthusiasm, 30-35mins max)

3. Dumbell Complex Smash-up

  • DB Squats – 10
  • DB Alternate Curl to Press – 8 each arm
  • DB Bent Over Row – 10
  • DB High Pull – 10
  • DB Curl – 10
  • 90 second rest and repeat 6 – 8times

(Use Dumbbells between 8 – 12.5kg, aim for good form but complete as fast as possible, 20 – 30mins)

In my eyes training is always as hard as you make it, we teach our clients at Legacy Training to really push their body to the limits. This is why they all get such great results. Let me know how you get on with these workouts, DON’T GET SCARED NOW!!!

P On 28th October 2014 - By Sam Roberts

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Deb Breward

  • IT Specialist

I joined Legacy gym when it opened in July, Sam’s approach isn’t just about lifting weights he listened to my goals and objectives and devised a training plan along with nutrition advice. I have made incredible progress in a short period of time, I am not saying it was easy but listening to Sam’s advice on training and nutrition worked, I am now a size 8 and haven’t felt this good since I was in my 30’s.