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Group Training Sessions

Legacy Crew Membership

Time: 2 – 3 sessions a week
Cost: £60-£80 per month

Over the last couple of years, we’ve created a very fun yet results driven group membership. This allows you to get all your training necessary to see amazing fat loss results without having to be in a boring gym environment.

The sessions are all different focusing on slightly different elements of fitness to keep you motivated to see progression with your training. It will feel like you have a Personal Trainer without the 1 on 1 price tag.

Tuesday Night 7-8pm is Fat Loss & conditioning with Harry AA

Wednesday Night 7-8pm is the Strong Girl group with Laura Thompson

Thursday Night 7-8pm is the Split Routine Smasher focusing on a different muscle group each week

Saturday Morning 8-9am is The Strongman Group to earn your weekend!

2 sessions a week for the month is £60
3 sessions a week for the month is £80

This works out to be less than £8 per session for group personal training that gets amazing results!

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Time: Every Tuesday & Thursday, 12:15pm ’til 1pm
Cost: £60 per month

If getting up at the crack of dawn or training after a full day of work doesn’t take your fancy how about taking a ‘RUNNING LUNCH!’

These new small group-training sessions are a 45-minute fat loss blaster on your lunch breaks or if you’re a mum, a quick break from the kids to get your exercise in.

They will involve all Legacy Training’s most efficient fat loss tools such as prowlers, sleds, ropes, light dumbbells and bodyweight exercises.

‘RUNch’ Sessions will run on a Tuesday and Thursday Lunchtime at 12:15pm-1pm. It will allow you to have twice a week small group Personal Training for £60 per month, this works out to be less than £8 per session.

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Monthly Group Pass

Men Times: Tuesday night & Saturday morning
Women Times: Tuesday night & Wednesday night
Cost: £60

For our Monthly Group Session package you get to take 2 group sessions a week for an incredible £60, this works out at £8 per session!

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Women’s Fat Loss

Time: Every Wednesday, 7pm ’til 8pm
Cost: £15

If you want to get rid of those bingo wings or make that ass more peachy you have to lift weights; that treadmill just won’t work!

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Harry AA Conditioning

Time: Every Tuesday, 7pm ’til 8pm
Cost: £10

Incredible opportunity to learn and train with top GB athlete Harry AA, where he will take you through a specialist session designed and implement by him.

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Saturday Strong Man

Time: Every Saturday, 8am ’til 9am
Cost: £15

No men like cardio! This session is designed to build muscle, whilst trimming the fat with modified strong man exercises such as farmers walks, prowlers and battle ropes mixed with traditional bar bell and resistance machine work.

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Alis Rudge

  • University Student

After my first year at university I put on loads of weight but training with Sam has helped me get my weight down and now I’m fitter than I was before Uni! It hasn’t been easy but it’s totally worth the effort!