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Fact File

  • Nearly 10 years experience in personal training
  • Competes in fitness events to fundraise
  • Results driven
  • Guide clients to success from fat loss to muscle building

Contact Details

Adam Palmer

Having been a trainer for nearly 10 years i’ve gained a lot of experience and built up a successful career dealing with all different types of people, from fat loss to athletes.

Personally, right now my main focus is aesthetics (physique development). I also have a keen interest in strength and conditioning training.

Outside of the gym I have a family and most of my spare time is spent with them although I do try and do some kind of fundraising event every year. Previously I’ve cycled from London to Brighton, walked the length of Hardians Wall, 10K run in fancy dress, completed a Tough Mudder and a Spartan Race.

What to expect from me as a trainer

I like to work with my clients with an open mind. One of the most important things when setting out a program is knowing what type of training best suits an individual. I do not endorse any mad fad diets, I only ask people to eat healthy foods with the right nutritional values which aid their goals.

At Legacy we pride ourselves on creating an exciting atmosphere whilst training and getting the best results possible from everyone. Using the kit we have here at Legacy and through the continual learning we do I know that the results I get with my clients are going to get better and better.

I firmly believe that everyone can achieve their goals with the right guidance.

Blog Posts

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Elizabeth Matthews

  • Owner of Bradley's Stores

I have changed over the twelve months, Sam has made me realise that it is a lifestyle change not just another fad diet. I would like to say a big thank you for getting me where I am and look forward to the rest of the journey.