Create your Legacy

This video gives you a little insight into why I created Legacy Training and how my fantastic marketing team 5or6 helped me to get this across to the general public via the website, Facebook and the Legacy Lion.

From 16 years old I’ve always wanted my own gym, it was only after Personal Training for 6-7 years I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, what it would represent and who my major clientele would be. I’ve always loved personal training from the start of my career but I noticed that all though I enjoyed working out of a major chain gym there was a lot I would change in order for clients to get better RESULTS!!!

I’m a big one for positivity in all aspects of life, but as personal training and the fitness industry in general has grown over the last 10 years I’ve seen it change from a quality service focused on the needs of clients and customers to one big car showroom where everyone is trying to sell the next big thing.

My mission with Legacy Training was to take it back to the old school style of focusing on what the clients want, to bring a quality service back to fitness where people are happy to invest their hard earned money because they know the return is worth far more.

With providing an old school service I wanted to combine this with some new school ways of training! Legacy Training has the highest quality strength conditioning equipment from Atlantis, coming all the way from Canada via Swiss Strength; the best guys to set up your gym. This S & C equipment is combined with a unique AstroTurf track running through the middle of the gym to allow for StrongMan (Woman) conditioning. This involves pushing prowlers, pulling sleds, slamming ropes, jumping on boxes etc… Everything to make FAT LOSS training more interesting than running on a treadmill or sitting on a bike.

In keeping with the focus on quality it was very important that I chose the best personal trainers to represent Legacy Training. I’ve worked with all these guys and girls before they came to Legacy and they are all massively focused on getting great results for their client. They not only help their clients achieve great body transformations but also focus on long-term health and trying to improve the general lifestyle of the client through educating them on training and nutrition. These guys all have a similar way of thinking as me: ‘Your client is your business card in personal training and if they are happy and getting results you will always be busy!’

So to really complete Legacy Training it was very important that I had the right logo and image for my personal training studio, this is where Ryan and the 5or6 branding team came in! The Legacy Lion comes from the London Olympics when everyone was so proud to be British and not only getting behind the athletes but also wanting to participate in sport and fitness themselves. ‘TAKE PRIDE’- is my message to get across to people that they should be accountable for their health and fitness and want to get RESULTS!!!