Eating for muscle – The Pitfalls

Right lets set the scene, you’ve got to the end of the summer and your happy with your current condition and you’ve achieved your goals of eventually seeing those abs, getting some veins in the arms and even seeing some nice shape in the legs. BUT now you’re feeling skinny and want to BULK UP!! (I don’t like this phrase as people use it as an excuse to slack!). Here are my (Legacy Training) pitfalls to avoid in doing this:

Not getting lean first

A lot of guys tend to decide to bulk-up straight after a holiday or stag do when they can’t be bothered to be strict with their eating again. Your body will always be in a better position to build muscle when you’re lean. I would suggest using a 2-week elimination diet just before you go into the phase. This would involve going back to basics, (4 meals of protein and green vegetables with 2-3 handfuls of nuts and at least 2litres of water a day!)

Not eating enough protein

Set out a daily protein goal based on 2-2.5 time’s your bodyweight in kilos and make sure you hit it. For example an 80kg man should aim to eat around 160-200grams per day, which may sound hard, but by planning out your day you will feel much better. A good way to kick start your day is by having a protein breakfast, my favourite is steak, eggs and handful of almonds.

Eating crap

I have seen this time and time again; lots of lads increase their calories with high fat/high sugar foods, which is THE worst way to do it. Look to increase protein through lean meats (fish, chicken, turkey, and red meat), good fats (fish oil, nuts, avacado’s) and clean carbs (sweet potato, rice and gluten free oats.)

Not understanding their own body

What works for Mr Olympia might not work for you, remember that everybody is different as far as how their body will respond to different foods. I would recommend using a food diary or app that makes you log what you eating everyday, this way you can really tell what is and isn’t working for you.

Going all in the first week

Would a magician show his biggest trick at the start of the show? Focus on making small changes and see how your body reacts e.g. focus on getting your nutrition right first then add in supplements.