Female fat loss for the new year

Every January millions of women decide to start on a ridiculously low calorie diet and the most boring treadmill/bike workout imaginable! 4-6 weeks later they’ve quit both and are getting fatter than they were before? Sound familiar?

STOP what you’re doing, get off that treadmill and stop eating like a rabbit! Pick up some weights and start squatting, follow that up with eating whole foods high in protein like steak, chicken, fish etc…

Q. But won’t I get big from lifting weights & steak seems to have a lot of calories?
Lifting weights wont make you bigger, but too much Christmas cake will! Women only have 10% of the testosterone that men have, so women will never build muscle like men do. If you want to get rid of those bingo wings or make that ass more peachy you have to lift weights; that treadmill just won’t work!

As far as eating, your low calorie fad diet will work for a couple of weeks then your body will adapt, you will stop losing weight and start storing fat more than it did before. Eating a high protein diet mixed with varied vegetables and good fats like nuts will put your metabolism into overdrive, so you become a fat burning machine. Not only will you look good but you’ll feel good too.