Legacy Training tips 2014

Happy New Year People! Hopefully you have all started back training and are getting back to a healthy diet after the festive period. Here are some Legacy Training Ltd. tips for 2014:

1. Set yourself some realistic goals with a time frame. I like to get my clients to have a short term goal (e.g.-Lose a Dress Size in 6 weeks), then a long term (e.g.- 2 stone weight loss or 8-10% body fat in 6 months).

2. Apply the K.I.S.S principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). Too many people get to January and panic about getting out of shape so try and do too many things at once, then by mid-February they’ve lost motivation. Start with small manageable changes.

3. Have a Dry January! Hopefully you should be all partied out by now so take advantage of everybody else being strict and save some money. Its amazing how much better your body feels without alcohol.

4. With the money you save on not drinking get yourself down to your local butcher or supermarket and buy some quality meat & fish with a good mix of vegetables and fruit.

5. Very Simple but DRINK MORE WATER! Everybody suggests they drink loads but they don’t, aim for 2-3 litres a day! (Buy big bottles to measure).

6. If you don’t already, start Weight Training and watch your body shape change quicker than it has before! This is not to say don’t do cardio, put it in there but make sure you use weights the majority of the time.

Good Luck and if you get stuck at any point get your ass down to Legacy Training, I’m sure we can sort it!