Let’s talk about your diet

‘ABS are made in the Kitchen’ & ‘if your diet has a weird name your missing the big picture!’

So we’re getting towards the end of January, so hopefully those of you that have been hitting the gym hard are seeing some good changes in your body. If your not, you really need to start paying attention to what your putting in your gob!

The % is different for everybody, but food counts for at least 60% of your results in the gym. Our best before and after pictures are always from people that are spot on with their food. So if your busting your ass in the gym more than 3 times a week not seeing changes you need to think about Nutrition more!

The good news is this doesn’t have to be complicated especially at the start of your journey. If you are on the ‘5-2 diet’ ‘cabbage soup diet’ ‘Cambridge Diet’, I’m sorry but in my opinion your not going to see long lasting results. This isn’t to say they don’t work, you will lose weight I’m sure but it’s not sustainable so that when you eat ‘normally’ again the weight will come back on with interest.

Here’s some simple things I suggest to new clients when starting:

  1. Minimum 2 litres of water a day; if your body is dehydrated it will store fat easier!
  2. 3 portions of protein a day e.g- red meat, fish, chicken, eggs etc. Protein fills you up for longer and helps build muscle!
  3. 2-3 portions of vegetables a day e.g-salads, greens, root vegetables etc…
  4. Take out Bread, pasta & potato & swapo for a better carbohydrates in Sweet Potato, Rice, gluten free oats, berries! These carbohydrates should provide you with good energy but not make you bloated!
  5. Add in small portions of good fats, 2-3 handfuls of nuts, nut butters, avocados, cocunut oil, olive oil. Cooking your meat & fish with coconut oil and put olive oil on your vegetables!
  6. Everybody’s favourite: have 1 cheat meal a week where you have whatever you want! Pizza, bottle of wine, ice cream etc. but the rule is you have to earn this, if your not strict in the week you can’t have it!

To help us out here at Legacy Training we use Katchicks Katchicks Foods Retail for the best quality meat at cheaper prices than Tescos. The pictures below are of the wild meats I like ostrich, buffalo, wild boar, zebra etc…
Then for all Protein & Food supplements
we use Elf Foods (sports nutrition & wholefood centre). What I love about these guys is how helpful they are with advice. The pictures below are of their very tasty nut butters, protein muscle moose, calorie free sauces etc…

My biggest take home point here is that food doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need a crazy diet, you don’t need to starve yourself! Make small manageable changes every couple of weeks, plan out your food and be consistent 6 & 1/2 days a week!